Light, friend!

Welcome to the website for the GRIM DEEP novel project. This is the attempt by unpublished author F. Aleksandar to write a crime novel set in a dystopian future. On this website you can read parts of the novel as they are being written, explore the world the story is set in and get updates on the writing and publishing process of the novel.  → Blog RSS Feed 

Chapter 3 Now Available

After quite some time, I’ve finally released another chapter of the novel. You can read Chapter 3 – Sightseeing right here on the site for free right now. I hope you enjoy it!

If you want provide feedback on this new chapter or on the ones that were already published previously, you can do so via the forums. I have created a sub-forum for GRIM DEEP on there. You can use this to help me improve the book, if you want. I am looking forward to your ideas, impressions and corrections.

Updated Chapters on the Website

I’m currently editing some of the earlier parts of the novel based on some annotations I’ve made over the course of the previous year. As I’m working my way along, I’ve also updated the first two chapters of the novel here on the website.

Additionally, I’ve added a new Culture section to the lore repository, which includes some information on the card game Leviathans that’s mentioned in Chapter 2.

First Fanart

I have some pretty amazing news today. My friend Svenja, who’s read the first two chapters of the novel that are available right here on the site and who I’ve now also given a draft copy of my current manuscript to review, has sent me some fanart of Joe based on the novel. This is the first fanart I have received for this project and it makes me very happy.

My descriptions in the first two chapters of the novel must be pretty on point, because she’s captured the feeling of the character and the look of the environment perfectly.

Svenja's Fanart

NaNoWriMo 2021 Update: I Did It!

I did it! I just won the National Novel Writing Month 2021! With two days to spare, I wrote 50,000 words for my novel in November. I’ve won! For the second time. And unlike 2011, I will not throw this novel out. I will continue writing it. I will edit it and I will, eventually, put it up on this very website, chapter for chapter, for you to read. And when it is completely done, I will get it published as an ebook and as a paperback.

But right now, I will go and sleep. A lot.

NaNoWriMo 2021 Winner

NaNoWriMo 2021 Update: 40K

I’m now at 40,120 words written for NaNoWriMo 2021. Which means I’m right on target for my goal as of yesterday. I am hopeful that I can catch up to today’s goal later in the day. Once I’ve slept a little bit. I’d really like to be one daily word goal ahead as I tend to write into the night and need this safety blanket to finish in November instead of the early hours of 1 December – and thus fail the challenge by a hair’s breadth.

But, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be using most of the weekend to write – and I might be streaming a lot of this on Twitch as well. The goal is to finish the 50,000 words right there and then and not even run the risk of failing during the last two days. Not sure I can manage that, but I will definitely try my best – real life commitments permitting.