Chapter 3 Now Available

After quite some time, I’ve finally released another chapter of the novel. You can read Chapter 3 – Sightseeing right here on the site for free right now. I hope you enjoy it!

If you want provide feedback on this new chapter or on the ones that were already published previously, you can do so via the forums. I have created a sub-forum for GRIM DEEP on there. You can use this to help me improve the book, if you want. I am looking forward to your ideas, impressions and corrections.

Updated Chapters on the Website

I’m currently editing some of the earlier parts of the novel based on some annotations I’ve made over the course of the previous year. As I’m working my way along, I’ve also updated the first two chapters of the novel here on the website.

Additionally, I’ve added a new Culture section to the lore repository, which includes some information on the card game Leviathans that’s mentioned in Chapter 2.

World Building Information

I’ve added quite a lot of background information on characters, places and organisations in the novel to the new repository of world building information on the site. It’s finally reached the point where all of this information is too much for me to keep in my head, so I thought I might as well make it accessible to everyone.

Website Overhaul

As you can obviously see for yourself, I’ve decided to overhaul the entire website for this project. When I launched the original site a couple of years ago, the idea was to simply have a place where you could read parts of GRIM DEEP while I was writing the novel. But recently, I’ve found myself looking for a place to document my world building for the project and eventually decided the best idea would be to do that publicly, right alongside the novel. The result is this new, slightly more involved design for the website.

The new setup also gave me the opportunity to include posts on the homepage of the site and I decided to go for this. Which means from here on out, short updates here on the blog will keep you in the loop on what’s been going on with the writing and publishing efforts in relation to the book. I might also share other relevant details concerning the project once in a while, we shall see…