Northstar Policing Services

NPS provides police services all over the North Sea. It is a division of Allied Security, a large, multinational security contractor. NPS currently holds the policing contract for the Devil’s Hole municipality.

People: Josephus “Joe” Faulkner, Lieutenant Winters, Tricia Martinez, Jack De Graaf, Frank Johnson, James Bridger, Dan Courier

Hughes & Stoddard

A large law firm in Humboldt Station, specilising in administrative law. The labour affairs department has a high-value contract with the station’s Council of Governors.

People: Hans Reichenbacher

Allied Security

Allied Security, also simply known as “Allied”, is a large, multinational security contractor. It has many divisions all over the world, most of which specilise in corporate and public security or military services. One of its subsidiaries is Northstar Policing Services.

Humboldt Station Council of Governors

The Council, as it is colloquially known, is the governing body of Humboldt Station. It holds a high-value corporate contract with the law firm Hughes and Stoddard concerning labour matters.


The dockworker’s and longshoreman’s union throughout the Devil’s Hole. Because shipping is an important part of local industry and necessary to the survival of almost all stations, the union is very powerful. This is doubly true for places like Humboldt Station where a large part of the jobs on the station are in shipping.

People: Harcourt Winston

Benthos Industries

Benthos Industries is a huge multinational corporation with many subsidiaries all over the globe. It is currently one of the ten most profitable companies in the world and derives most of its income from mining, construction, ship building, food processing, breathing gas production and its cutting edge technological products.

People: Leonard Dijkstra