Last night, I finished transcribing the rest of the handwritten manuscript. I also started to layout the book for print, which will form the basis for the ebook edition that I will release first. This means, I have my first complete draft of the novel and will now begin the process of editing it as a whole.

As it stands, the novel encompasses 22 chapters. With front and back matter, the book is 113,844 words long. In my current paperback-style layout, that comes down to 360 pages.

My next step is to do one big editing pass through the complete book. After that, I should have a version I can give out to test readers. After some feedback, I’ll decide where to take it next. My current plan is still to publish at least the ebook version by the end of the year, with a print-on-demand run following later.

I’ve also designed a cover for the book:

Book Cover