I’ve now written 20,498 words as part of my NaNoWriMo effort this year. The needed amount to stay on target for today is 20,004 words – so I am right on par.

That sounds better than it is in reality, however, since the last few days, writing has been a real struggle and I failed my goal a couple of times. So far, I’ve managed to make up for it, but I do not feel comfortable scraping along just above the needed amount of words. A few slip ups without immediately making up for them will let you fall off the wagon quickly and my previous NaNoWriMo experience tells me that once you reach that point, it’s all over. Therefore, I’m aiming at getting ahead at least one day’s worth of writing or more, if possible. That way, I’d have a bit of a safety blanket. I really want to win the challenge again this year.

In some thoroughly good news, however, I’ve now just about doubled the total length of the book!